SkinCare Lotion

 Skin care Lotion :-

Wrinkling of skin,Ringworm and other fungal infection are common problem around the globe. because lack of vitamins in food or because of the stress full condition around us, conventional medicine has cream and lotion to offer, but they contain most of the time steroid which might give some side effect. If you are looking a solution for wrinkle on face fungal infection or good looking skin without any side effect then this is a right formula for you. You can try our lotion which has made out of natural homeopathic ingredient and is diluted in a natural plant oil, and is a very safe to apply on face, delicate part and under eyes.

SkinCare Lotion is made from herbs and is prepared by Registered Homeopath. Our products contain absolutely no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances.

Ingredient:- arnica Ext, Calendula Ext.Jojoba oil.

Note If symptom persist or aggravate consult your doctor.


Application; – wash your face or affected part with warm water apply 10 to 15 drops give a gentle message on affected parts once in day for one week if you feel better you can reduce to once in a week.

Note; – External use only.

Indication: –   Facial wrinkling, Ringworm or any fungal infection of nails

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